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Geographical Location

: Western,Sri Lanka,Asia

Absolute Position

According to the absolute location it spreads up to North latitude 6.5’1” and as per longitudinal location. It spreads between longitudes 79.5’1” to 79.5’2”.

Relative position


North : Dehiwala Lake and Municipal Council area of Kotte.

South : Mount Lavinea and Kawdana west Grama Niladari Division.

East : Part of Veras and Bolgoda Lake and Kesbewa Divisional Secretariat boundary.

West : Natural Coastal area.

Altogether 8.71sqkm or 871.03 Hectares small piece of land belonging to this area.

When compared with the whole area of Colombo(673.62sqkm) Dehiwala takes only 1.29%.But there are number of reasons as to why this small piece of land takes immense value among other lands.

Dehiwala is a city lying immediately south of Colombo,the Commercial capital. It directly connect with the transportation way to Colombo.Dehiwala Divisional Secretariat area is about 8.71sqkm (871.03 Hectare) small piece of land and only 1.29% of the area of capital city of Colombo.

There are many factors that affects tothe validation of this area.This is also home to SriLanka National Zoological gardens which remains of Asia’s largest.Colombo South Teaching hospital is another important landmark in this area.This town has extensive population and rapid industrialization and urbanization in recent years.Dehiwala area lie directly Colombo south and along the Galle road it runs alone the coastal area to the south of country.


There are many stories about the history of this area. One of those is Diya+Wala which means a dip or hole filled with water.In past this area consists full of ponds,lakes etc thus famous as Diyawala (an area filled with water) and later on it became Dehiwala.

Another story in this name regard is that this area has many trees of Lime or a forest of lime trees and people call it Dehiwala.It is told that king of kotte has filled all this lime requirements from this area.

The following describes how the various village names  have established in the area.

  1. 1. Hathbodiya

Since there was a Temple which had Seven Boe trees surrounded, the  area called by this  name.

  1. 2. Nikape

An area having plenty of Nika trees(which is a herbal medicine) and considerally jungle area closer to Attidiya fields are known as Nikape.

  1. 3. Karagampitiya

People who belongs to Karava cast lived in this area and they did fishing for their way of living.

  1. 4. Udyanaya

This area once called “Pattiyamulla”and it says the cattle hard produced curd & milk to the king’s  palace at kotte was brought up in this area.More than 500 carts that transport thing to castle maintained here and vast number of cattles lived in this area.

  1. 5. Vilawala

During the rainy season the huge flow of water ran through this area caused many pits and ponds.A place having lot of ponds and pits is known as Vilawala.

  1. 6. Pamankada

Because of a tunnel built in between Balapokuna Raja Maha Viharaya and Pamankada.Raja Maha Vihara and Sinhalese soldiers made there frequent walks through that tunnel, so its called Pamankada.This tunnel later had helped to release prince medhaya when he was imprisoned at Fort Royal prison during past. He was taken to pepiliyana Raja Maha vihara using this tunnel area,according to folk tales.

  1. 7. Kalubowila

Except the Galle Road area,the middle part is geologically surrounded by a range of hills.The inner part of this hill area consist of huge hard black stone (like metal)   Down these hills,The parts displayed in dark black and ponds filled with water. The area having large number of dark ponds are called Kalubowila according to folk tales.

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Mr. G Kulathunga



Mr. Silman Gunarathna



Mr. B D Dahanayaka



Mr. K A Thilakarattna



Mr. C Vas Gunawerdana



Mr. K D R N Wijesinghe



Mrs. W Suneetha Cooray



Mrs. K Campa N Parara



Mr. D A Hemasiri Piyathilaka(acting)



Mrs. N Balasubramaniyam



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